Because I am Loved

This week, I'm joining the Five Minute Friday write up. This is a community of writers who write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. This week the prompt is "Loved".

Tears were streaming down my face as I sat cuddled on the couch this morning. I had been like that all night. I didn't feel like I could write, I couldn't think about students, the ministry or even my daughter. My husband heard me tossing and turning and gently kissed me on my forehead and said, I love you. With those words, I was able to uncurl my legs. Take a deep breath. Maybe I can move forward today. But the weight of the week, still hung around me. Clouding my ability to see God's love. I scooped coffee beans into the grinder. As the machine whirred to life, my phone vibrated. Cautiously, I looked down at my phone. It was an email from a friend, with a link to a song about God's love. As I listened to the song, pictures of the week came into focus. I saw an alumni's mom hug me while she thanked me for walking with her daughter throughout her college career. Her hug felt like a sweet love song. I remembered an alumnus telling me that she loved me and was thankful for our friendship. That week our intern shared deeply with me. I heard the love in her voice as she opened up about her life. My mom called to tell me she was framing a childhood artwork project, which she kept because of her deep love for me. I saw every one of my husband's tight hugs and gentle kisses that communicate love more deeply than any sonnet. I remembered my precious daughter, who grabbed my face and said, "Mommy, mommy, I love you." This week had been hard. One of those weeks that feels like it will crush you under its weight. But my friend's loving email reminded me that God loved me. He uses the people in my life to tell me that daily. And when I remember, I can through off the shroud of this difficult week and move forward.

Because I am loved, I can follow Jesus.


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