All Those Questions

This week, I'm joining the Five Minute Friday write up. This is a community of writers who write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. This week the prompt is "Question".

I love to ask questions. I was in a class two years ago, where I asked so many questions the professor said I was making him work for his paycheck. I have questions about everything. Like a two-year-old, I approach most things with why?

I have actually made a few people cry by continuing to ask why.

My need to ask questions is to try and understand this world and to order it into a tidy box. The more I know about a subject, the more I want to know. My desire for answers to my random questions is why my bookshelves are littered with half-read books.

But the problem with asking so many questions, is I don’t always slow down for the answers.

Of course, I find out the answers, I google the question and can have a tweetable answer within nanoseconds. But I miss out on the long journey of hurtling towards information till I come up with answers. I miss out on growing in knowledge because I only want the answer to my question.

But what if I slowed down. What if I pondered a question instead of asking another why? What if I slowed down long enough not just to get the answer but to learn and to grow in wisdom. What if my desire to know allowed me actually to be wise?

My love of questions is good, but what if I could slow down and focus on answering one question? What would I choose that question to be?


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